photos of ant and termite swarmers

Holiday House Pests

It’s that time of year again when water, sweet pies, and roasting turkeys lure in uninvited guests. Ant colonies send out foraging ants to find all our scrumptious holiday treats. These exploring ants use pheromones to mark the trail to the best treats. Pheromones allow all the ants to find the same treats. Before you know it, hoards of ants trail take advantage.

Ant Infestations

Common ants that invade homes include the Argentine ant, the pharaoh ant, and the odorous house ant. If you spot ants indoors, it could mean you have an infestation in or near your house. Give our team a call as soon as possible to get an inspection to identify the ant and the best ways to get them off your guest list

Ant vs Termite Swarmers

Typically, during the spring, some male and female ants develop wings. They are collectively known as reproductives. They are searching for a great place to set up a new colony. Ants have narrow waists, their front wings are larger than their back wings, and all have bent antennae.

Swarming ants are easily confused with termite reproductives. Termites develop wings and use them to find new mates and establish new colonies. Termites have wide waists, straight antennae, and equally-sized wings. Drywood termites swarm twice a year, in summer and fall.

Termite Swarmer

Termites are no joke! They cause billions of dollars in property damage a year and lower property values. Winged termites swarm suddenly, often emitting hundreds of individuals out of a single piece of infested wood. Swarmers are looking for a mate to reproduce with. The newlyweds quickly settle in to begin their own colony in your home.

Termite Swarmer Infestations

A swarm coming from your home is serious and alarming. Finding a termite swarmer inside usually means you have a termite infestation somewhere in the house. If you find these swarmers outside, it typically means termites are nearby.

If you see any flying insects in your home and you believe them to be termites, call your pest control team straight away.

Swarming Insect Pest Control

Don’t let these pesky uninvited guests find a seat at your dinner table. The Advanced Integrated Pest Management team is here to keep your home pest free year-round! Give us a call at (855) 768-0615 to speak with a pest control expert today.