Why Spiders Could Be a Sign of a Bigger Pest Problem

It’s not unusual to have a negative reaction when you discover a spider in your home. Some people lunge to find the nearest shoe or notebook with which to kill it, others flee to a different room, and others either personally spray down their living space or hire professional pest control to get the job done. We have such a strong fear and disgust of spiders that we rarely consider why they occupy our homes.

An occasional arachnid appearance is probably just a coincidence. If you find yourself the victim of a spider infestation, though, there might be a greater problem. This may be a sign that spiders and other pests are finding entry points into your home.

What Do Spiders Want?

Generally speaking, spiders want the same two things that most bugs want: to eat and reproduce. The drive to capture food has led to most spiders developing the iconic web traps that we’ve come to recognize as their beautiful signature. They put these up wherever they might expect to catch prey, and if you see a spider hanging out on a web for a while, chances are their web is producing a bounty of food. The more spider-food is found in and around your home, the more spiders you’ll find.

What Does It Mean if You Have Spiders in Your Home?

Here’s the good news: you know all the other annoying insects? Spiders tend to like most of those. They prey on aphids, flies, mites, gnats, moths, and other bugs that might potentially be harmful to you, your pets, or your plants. So, as spine-tingling or unwanted as they may be, they aren’t without some net positive for you and your household.

Ultimately, finding a ton of spiders in your house is probably a sign that you’ve got lots of other, potentially more problematic pests, too. Most likely, they’re finding their way into your home through an entry point somewhere—so be on the lookout for those entry points. Unsure where to look? Most local pest control companies will provide an inspection at no charge.

Should You Kill Spiders?

If you can tolerate seeing spiders occasionally wander around your home, with the knowledge that they are assisting with population control of other nuisances, you may want to try leaving them be and seeing how things change. Of course, if you find yourself in the company of a lot of eight-legged associates, you might want to do a deep clean to find the root of the problem. After all, if there’s a lot of spiders, there’s a lot of food for spiders. Once you make the food disappear—aka, the other insect pests—the spiders will leave on their own.

However, not all spiders are harmless, and in the case that you find a harmful spider you should look to get rid of them. The two most common species of venomous spiders in California are the black widow and brown recluse. They would really prefer to have nothing to do with people and tend to stay as far away from us as possible, such as huddled in dark corners of sheds, attics, or garages. With that being said, encountering those spiders can pose a health risk, so avoiding them or getting rid of them is a great idea.

Consult the Pest Control Pros

Have you noticed a lot of spiders hanging around and aren’t sure why? Consult a professional. Advanced IPM has almost four decades of spider control and bug infestation experience we can bring to your rescue. Request a quote at our website or give us a call at (855) 768-0615 to schedule your first treatment.