Why Are There Ants in My Kitchen?

Those small ants darting around your kitchen counters are called nuisance ants or odorous house ants. While they certainly live up to their name, they won’t cause structural damage like their distant— and much larger—relative, the carpenter ant. If you see ants in the kitchen, or anywhere in your home, there are probably many more waiting in the wings. These tips from our ant control experts will teach you how to get rid of ants in your home and prevent them from darkening your door again.

Ants in the Kitchen Are the Tip of the Iceberg

Although nuisance ants don’t pose a threat to your home or family, an infestation can quickly grow out of control. The problem is that the ants you see probably represent only a tiny fraction of the ant population in your home. Professional ant control treatments are often the only way to get rid of ants in your house or other living space for good. This is especially true if you have a carpenter ant infestation.

Preventive Ant Control

Although figuring out how to get rid of ants in your home is probably top-of-mind, discovering how they got there in the first place is key. Ants often head indoors looking for food and water. Spills, crumbs, and leaks are prime sources of sustenance for these pests. Fixing plumbing leaks, cleaning up messes immediately, and sealing all food in airtight containers or the fridge makes your home less attractive to ants. However, blocking their entry proves difficult since they can squeeze through the tiniest of holes.

How to Get Rid of Ants

Your first instinct may be to douse those pesky invaders with ant control spray. Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to address part of the problem that way, and you’ll miss an opportunity to find out where ants are getting in. Those stragglers are soldiers sent to find food for the colony. Watch where they’re headed so you can block their point of entry. This info will also be helpful if you hire pest control professionals. Although they know how to get rid of ants, understanding how they make their way in gives pest control techs a big advantage.

Effective Ant Control in California and Nevada

If you’ve spotted ants in the kitchen, don’t worry. The right ant control measures will prevent these pests from taking over your home. Advanced IPM’s experienced pest control pros help home and business owners in Northern Nevada and California keep ants at bay with effective treatments and preventive strategies. Get in touch with our friendly team today for answers to your questions. When you contact us online or give us a call, experience the peace of mind that comes with getting rid of pests.