Dangerous Ants in California

An ant infestation is a major annoyance no matter how you look at it. But if your California home or business is being invaded by dangerous ants, a call for pest control is definitely in order. Advanced IPM has experience with ant control, and we’ve got all the information you need about invasive and dangerous ant types in your area.

Why Ants Beat out Other Pests

One of the worst things about ants is their sheer numbers. Colonies can grow quite large, even numbering in the millions, with some forming supercolonies. A single colony can have multiple queens, each laying over 1000 eggs daily. Ants are also team players. They protect each other and even sacrifice their lives for the colony. Worker ants often die while looking for food, sending pheromone signals to lead the colony to food sources. This is why they’re so difficult to get rid of—and why you might find so many dangerous ants.

Imported Red Fire Ants

The most dangerous ants in California and Nevada are imported red fire ants. They live underground, emerging only to forage for melons, vegetables, and other insects. Imported red fire ants are very aggressive. Their sting is painful and can trigger potentially serious allergic reactions. They often attack in groups, stinging a victim up to thousands of times at once. If these multi-legged meanies sense a threat, they warn the rest of the colony by sending out pheromone alarms.

While imported red fire ants don’t generally enter homes, they hide out in gardens, yards, sports fields, and other outdoor areas and may attack without warning. They seek out heavily watered lawns and tropical plants like those from their home in the Amazon.

Imported red fire ant characteristics:

  • reddish-brown or dark red
  • 1/8″ – 3/8″ long
  • 10-segmented antennae

If you suspect a fire ant infestation or spot a nest, call for California pest control immediately.

Argentine Ants

Argentine ants aren’t dangerous to humans or pets quite like imported red fire ants, but they are one of the most invasive ant species around—and can cause secondary health risks. Argentine ants nest in and around trees or logs, but enter houses as the weather changes.

The best way to keep these invaders out is to cut off access to food and water sources. Clean up all spills and crumbs immediately, keep trash cans covered, and place all food in the fridge or airtight containers. Cut back vegetation around your house, seal gaps and cracks, and don’t overwater your lawn. These ants often enter through pipes as well, making it more difficult to prevent Argentine ant infestations.

Argentine ant characteristics:

  • black or dark brown
  • 1/8 to 3/16″ long
  • straight, 12-segmented antennae

Advanced IPM Provides Effective Ant Control

Protect your Northern Nevada or California property and its inhabitants by contacting the experts at Advanced IPM at the first sign of an ant infestation. Keep dangerous ants and everyday invaders at bay by contacting Advanced IPM. We’ve provided environmentally conscious, effective, integrated pest management solutions to homes and businesses since 1981.