Don’t Forget About Gophers this Spring

Spring is in the air, and your thoughts are likely turn to just about anything but gophers. But if you own a home, it’s a good idea to learn a bit about these harmless-looking yet destructive animals. As pest control professionals serving California and Northern Nevada, the Advanced IPM team is happy to share these gopher control and prevention tips as warm weather approaches.

Gopher Dangers

These burrowing rodents are unlikely to bite or attack, but they can carry diseases common among rodents. These include rabies, plague (transmitted by fleas), and leptospirosis. While the likelihood of catching a disease is low since these animals spend most of their time underground, it’s important to understand the risks. The rodents can also carry ticks and fleas, making gopher control a must.

Protect Your Property

These rodents tend to wreak havoc on gardens, lawns, and farm equipment while searching for food and water. They chew incessantly in a bid to slow the growth of their constantly growing teeth. The toothy burrowers sometimes chew irrigation pipes in their search for moisture, and you may not realize they’ve been gnawing on plastic water pipes, sprinkler systems, and other underground equipment until serious damage has been done. They love dining on pretty much everything in your vegetable garden; deter them by planting in raised beds and keeping your plot free of debris.

Mole, Vole or Gopher?

While all of these rodents are unwanted guests in most yards, their behaviors are different. Knowing which type of rodent has invaded your lawn will give you an advantage when it comes to pest control measures. The gopher creates horseshoe-shaped mounds, while the mole builds round, volcano-style versions. Voles are tidy in their approach, with trails that lead to perfectly round, neat openings in the ground. When you find any type of mound, knock it down immediately to prevent rodents from re-entering. Wire mesh fencing that extends 12″ underground will stop them in their tracks. And unless you have small pets, consider attracting barn owls by placing nesting boxes on your property. These rodents are all part of the barn owl’s diet.

Gopher Help With Advanced IPM

If you find evidence of gophers on your property, get in touch with Advanced IPM. We’ve provided California and Northern Nevada with reliable pest control services since 1981. We’ll combine gopher control treatment and prevention or exclusion methods to keep gophers and other rodents off your lawn and out of your garden.