Battle-Hardened Bugs: Are German Cockroaches Becoming Invincible?

German cockroaches can get out of control very quickly. These pests have been around since the age of the dinosaur, and they show no signs of slowing down. In fact, cockroach control is becoming more difficult than ever. Able to evolve quickly, they’re developing resistance to a number of pesticides. If you’re wondering how to kill German cockroaches, though, it doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. As a provider of pest control in Nevada, we have tips to rid your home or business of these persistent pests.

The Cockroach Threat

Cockroaches are notorious for spreading filth and disease. Infestations can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions. They also contaminate food with bacteria that can result in serious illnesses such as drug-resistant MRSA. The need for cockroach control is obvious, even as it becomes more difficult to get rid of the German variety.

German Cockroach Pesticide Resistance

Pesticide resistance in insects is an on-going battle pest control companies adversely face year after year.  Since insects are able to genetically evolve rapidly, based on their relatively short life cycles, pest control companies have had to increase and modify their pesticide inventory by nearly 20% every year just to accommodate this rapid insect evolution.  At Advanced IPM, our product applications consist of environmentally friendly, organic active ingredients.

How to Kill German Cockroaches

So, what can be done to eliminate German roach infestations? Although resistance to some pesticides is on the rise, there is still hope. Integrated pest management attacks infestations with a combination of inspection, identification, monitoring, and various treatment options. When you seek out pest control in Nevada, your technician will work with you to develop an effective treatment plan. You’ll learn how to prevent future infestations while the pest control pros manage existing issues. From eliminating water leaks to examining your home for possible points of entry, you’ll become an essential part of your home or business’s cockroach control strategy.

Banish Roaches With Advanced IPM

Keep your home free from the scourge of German cockroaches with help from Advanced IPM. We’ve provided pest control in Nevada and California for nearly four decades. Count on us to help keep your home pest-free without endangering your children, pets and other members of your household. Contact us today for a quote, as well as more information on how to kill German cockroaches.