Withering Weeds: The Benefits of Weed Control in San Jose, California

Whether you’re trying to grow a vegetable garden or simply want a beautiful lawn, knowing how to control weeds is a must. If you own or manage a company, business weed control is essential to maintaining a polished, professional image. Our team provides effective weed control in San Jose, California, and we take pride in educating customers on the many benefits of keeping unwanted plants off their property.

Weeds vs. Your Lawn

Weeds aren’t just unsightly and unwelcome. They also hamper the growth of the plants you do want in your lawn or garden. Weeds’ sole purpose in life is to stay alive, and they engage in battle with other plants over vital nutrients, hydration, soil, and space in your yard or garden plot. They sometimes smother young plants and can endanger your entire garden by developing a layer of frost-promoting insulation. Weeds may also wreak havoc on gardening and lawn equipment—not to mention the drainage pipes that direct and control water flow on your property.

Pests and Weeds

Another reason you need to know how to control weeds is their tendency to encourage pest infestations. Pests may carry diseases, trigger respiratory issues, spread dangerous bacteria, and put many of your plants in harm’s way. Weeds often get a head start on other plants in terms of growth. As a result, they sometimes provide habitats for plant killers like the sap-sucking aphid. Then, when the rest of your garden catches up, these pests are ready to begin feasting on fragile young plants.

Home and Business Weed Control

Your local home-and-garden stores are well-stocked with weed killers. Some are effective, but the trial-and-error process can be frustrating. Pulling weeds manually or with lawn tools is a back-breaking endeavor, and the results are usually annoyingly temporary. Salt or boiling water will help eliminate your weed problem, but take extra care to avoid the plants you want to keep. Vinegar can be effective without damaging your entire garden. However, the best form of weed control in San Jose is counting on area professionals like Advanced IPM. Knowledgeable technicians know when to apply treatments and which options work best for your situation.

We’d Get Rid of the Weeds For You

If a simple DIY method fails for you, or you if you don’t have time to even attempt it yourself, give Advanced APM a call for all of your home or business weed control needs. We provide effective weed control in San Jose, California, and other area communities in California and Nevada.