The Dangers of Starlings on Native Bird Species

Most of us enjoy the cheerful chirping of birds outside our windows, but few are likely to welcome starlings to the neighborhood. While their introduction in the U.S. was part of an attempt by a businessman to populate the country with every bird mentioned by Shakespeare, the result is decidedly unpoetic. These noisy, destructive pests wreak havoc on personal and commercial property across the country. As a provider of bird control in Roseville, CA, we’ll explain why these birds are such a problem, as well as how to get rid of starlings.

What does a starling look like?

The starling is small and squat. Its black feathers are topped with iridescent green in the summer months and white polka dots in the winter. Starlings have yellow beaks and unique, star-shaped wings when viewed in flight from below.

Starling Behavior

Generally speaking, starlings roost wherever they can duck out of predators’ sight. That could mean you’ll find them under eaves and awnings or inside vents and attics. Outdoors, they often venture to the treetops to watch out for predators. Since starlings aren’t native to North America, they have few natural predators— one reason for their seeming invincibility. They’re notorious bullies, kicking other birds out of their nests and taking over. To make matters worse, they’re not above knocking any eggs they find to the ground. And they’re easy to please at feeding time, eating pretty much anything they come across.

Damage Caused by Starlings

Besides being terrible members of the bird community, these birds don’t exactly endear themselves to humans. They transmit blastomycosis, E. coli, salmonella, and transmissible gastroenteritis via their feces and by eating livestock feed. Their feces is so thick and acidic that it causes costly damage to homes and other structures. Their nests can restrict air flow, cause fires, and spread parasitic mites.

Custom Bird Control Solutions

When you contact Advanced IPM for bird control in Roseville CA, you’ll already know what you’re dealing with. We know how to effectively get rid of starlings, and we’ll arm you with the knowledge you need to prevent future infestations. From sealing off all points of entry to eliminating possible food sources, we’ll help you take back control of your property.