Avoid House Flies from Invading Your Home This Summer

Flies can be a huge nuisance when they overrun your backyard cookouts and even inside your home and kitchen. They often carry bacteria and diseases which they can spread while landing on food and food-prep surfaces. With summer months ahead, trying to avoid flies can be a daunting task, but these tips can help you prevent flies from invading your space.  

Keep garbage bins clean 

Flies are attracted to odors. Keep these pesky pests out of your garbage by making sure the lid is kept closed tightly. Make sure outdoor garbage bins are kept away from doors to keep flies from coming inside. Clean your indoor and outdoor garbage bins regularly to reduce conducive conditions.  

Clean sink areas 

Keeping a clean sink and garbage disposal is critical to avoiding indoor house fly issues. Make sure the drains in your sinks are kept clean to keep flies away. If you happen to have sinks that are seldom used, placing a cover over the drain can be helpful as well.  

Pick up pet waste in the yard 

Because of the moisture content in pet waste, it can become a breeding ground for flies to lay eggs on. Make sure to routinely pick up after your pets.  

Repair window screens and doors 

While the rainy months fall behind us, it’s a good idea to talk a walk around your home and repair any screens, door sweeps, and openings into your home are well-sealed so flies don’t have a way to fly into your home.  

Clean up after cookouts 

Who doesn’t love a great cookout? Just make sure to clean up any spilled food or drinks on your outdoor dining table or patio floor. Be sure to put away food immediately after you’re done dining to keep the flies away. 

Compost Carefully 

If you keep a container for compost materials in your kitchen, make sure to keep a lid on the container so it doesn’t attract flies. Emptying it daily will keep the flies away.  

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