What the Skunk?

Where do skunks live? Are they dangerous? These are just some of the questions Advanced IPM techs field while providingĀ residential pest control in Concord, CA. From learning about their habits to understanding how to keep skunks away in Concord, arm yourself with the info you need to keep your family and property skunk-free. While skunks usually rely on their notorious spray as a weapon, they also bite and scratch on occasion. These animals may look innocent, but they carry bacteria, parasites, and diseases ranging from distemper to leptospirosis.

Skunk Identification

The skunks likeliest to be found in California and Nevada are the western spotted skunk and the striped skunk, or common skunk. The spotted version actually has black stripes on white fur. However, this variety has more—and differently configured—stripes than its common cousin. They weigh between eight ounces and just over one-and-a-half pounds. The striped skunk, while usually black and white, may sometimes have cream-colored or brown fur and weigh between four and 12 pounds.

Skunk Behavior

For our customers who ask, “Where do skunks live?”, the answer isn’t always good news. While they don’t often enter homes or businesses, it does happen on occasion. They’re much likelier to make themselves at home under your porch or in an outbuilding. When asked how to keep skunks away in Concord, we tell our customers to remove all opportunities for the animals to find food and shelter. Skunks like eating seeds, berries, and other fruits, making your garden or fruit trees prime targets. Keep your lawn debris-free, too; seeds and berries can often be found in piles of leaves or debris. Keep your trashcan airtight or empty to prevent garbage foraging. Remove hollow logs and clutter to prevent skunks from finding shelter there.

Residential Pest Control for Skunks

Skunks aren’t good climbers, but they sure know how to dig. A fence at least three or four feet high will help deter them, as long as the fencing extends one to two feet below the ground. Mesh fencing is an affordable alternative that can be placed under your fence. Inspect sheds, barns, chicken coops, outbuildings, and areas beneath porches, then seal off possible points of entry. Skunks are also known to dig under foundations. Look for cone-shaped holes; these are signs that skunks have been digging for bugs in your yard. Fill and cover burrows when you find them; gravel works well. Spray repellent on grass and mulch to prevent them from becoming skunk snacks; apply granular and electronic repellents to keep the critters out of your yard.

Advanced IPM Can Help With Your Skunk Problem

If you discover evidence of a skunk in your garage, leave the door open at night to let them escape. If you suspect they’ve managed to sneak in under your porch, put flour or sand around the area. If prints indicate that they’ve left, seal off all openings. While humane traps are available, leave skunk removal to a well-trained professional. Advanced IPM is licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game to provide humane small-animal removal in addition to ourĀ residential pest control services in Concord. Skunks stink, but our services don’t. Give us a call and contact us today.