What Should You Do if You See a Skunk?

No one ever forgets being sprayed by a skunk. Eliminating skunk odors from people and pets is frustrating and usually nearly impossible. Nip the problem in the bud with these skunk control tips from Advanced IPM. We’ll explain how to get rid of skunks and make your property less attractive to them in the first place.

Skunk Hazards

Pest control efforts are a must if you spot or suspect skunks on your property. While these striped invaders aren’t usually dangerous, they are likelier than many other types of wildlife to carry rabies. In addition to posing the very serious threat of transmitting rabies to your family and pets, these animals boast impressive digging abilities. They frequently damage foundations and can often make their way into yards by digging under fences. And, of course, the odor that comes from their defensive spraying tactic is hard to get rid of and unbelievably foul.

Eliminate Shelter and Food Sources

Removing all traces of food around your home is one of the most effective pest control techniques for almost any type of wildlife or bug. Keep trash cans tightly sealed, bring in your pet’s food dish as quickly as possible, and clean up spills or crumbs immediately. Remove fallen fruits and lawn debris to avoid inadvertently feeding visiting skunks. These animals often form shelters in woodpiles, stacks of junk, or hollowed-out logs, so remove these to prevent skunks from getting too comfortable.

Skunk Removal Options

If you do see one or more of these small intruders, live traps are the most likely solution. However, trapping is potentially dangerous to do yourself and it isn’t a DIY method we recommend. If trapping is required, Advanced IPM’s experienced, licensed professionals have the right equipment and proper protection to set traps and remove skunks according to local wildlife removal laws.

Skunk Problems Stink. Let Professionals Help.

If you’ve learned the hard way that skunk repellents don’t work, take comfort in the fact that there are proven yet harmless skunk control solutions available. Advanced IPM provides many types of pest control services in Northern Nevada and California. Contact our friendly team online or by phone today to get rid of skunks at your home or business.