Do I Need to Worry About Bats in My Home?

“Help! I think I have bats in my home!” That’s a completely normal reaction to the presence of creepy winged creatures indoors. While healthy bats are unlikely to try to hurt us, it’s easy to see why a sighting can cause panic. These flying mammals look scary, but they also pose dangers to your family’s health and safety. At Advanced IPM, our pest control team understands your concerns. Our bat control tips will help keep your household free of these winged intruders.

Are bats dangerous?

Bats rarely attack humans or other animals, but bats with rabies may not behave normally. Approximately five percent of bats have rabies. In addition, their guano, or droppings, can transmit diseases. Histoplasmosis is an infection that can result in mild symptoms or none at all. However, in rare instances, it can cause high fever, pneumonia, blood problems, and even death. Histoplasmosis is the result of breathing in contaminated spores from bat droppings. Bats may also bring pests into your home in the form of biting lice, ticks, and the bat bug, a relative of the bed bug. While most of these bugs aren’t dangerous, their bites can cause irritation.

Signs of a Bat Infestation

If you see one bat inside your home, it may be an isolated incident. However, it may also indicate that a large group is roosting in your attic or another part of your house. Sometimes, especially when it rains, bats may switch from flying in and out of your home to exploring its interior. If you see one or more bats or their droppings, contact a local pest control company or wildlife control organization. These professionals are trained to and legally banish bats from your home in an environmentally-conscious manner. Bat control experts are also well-equipped to clean up droppings without exposing your family to hazardous spores.

Bats often gain entry via windows, attic vents, or holes in a home’s exterior. Once an infestation has been eliminated, pest-control technicians are able to identify and seal off any potential points of entry.

Call Advanced IPM to Banish the Bats

At Advanced IPM, our pest control team has the knowledge and experience to eliminate infestations and help prevent future invasions. If you suspect a bat infestation, contact us today. We provide environmentally-conscious, effective professional bat control services to home and business owners in California and Northern Nevada. Bat problem? Call or email us today!