Which Stored Product Pests Can Compromise Your Success?

Have cigarette beetles invaded your warehouse spice inventory? Do you worry that Indian meal moths could take over your corn meal? No worries! Advanced IPM, serving Sparks, NV and other communities, has the information and skills you need to avoid or eliminate a product pest infestation. We’ll help you identify common offenders and keep pests out of your food processing facilities or warehouses.

Early Signs of an Infestation

Without proper knowledge, you might not realize you have a problem until your food has been overrun by product pests. Recognizing an infestation early on can reduce inventory loss and prevent damage to your reputation. Contact your local pest control pros the second you see caterpillars, moths, or small beetles poking around your inventory. Identifying an infestation is the first step before removing contaminated products and preventing future problems.

Common Product Pest

Indian Meal Moths

These gray moths with reddish-brown wings invade spices, candy, seeds, nuts, and dried fruits and veggies. As larvae, they can destroy food supplies by leaving behind webbing and feces.

Cigarette Beetles

Although their name comes from a proclivity for tobacco, they’re equally attracted to food supplies. These pests put your herbs, spices, beans, peanuts, rice, and dried flour at risk. Measuring about 1/8″ long, cigarette beetles are reddish-brown in color.

Rice Weevils

In addition to rice, these reddish-brown pests wreak havoc on cereal, dried beans, nuts, pasta, bread, corn, and flour. Rice weevils are less than 1/6″ long.

Merchant Grain Beetles

Chocolate, baking mixes, pasta, and cereals aren’t safe when these pests are around. The narrowness of their oval-shaped bodies allows these saw-toothed, dark-brown beetles to easily make their way into improperly sealed containers.

Pest Control for Your Stored Product

If you’ve spotted signs of an infestation by these or other pests, don’t be tempted to go it alone. Advanced IPM helps food processing facilities, warehouses, and even commercial kitchens eliminate these small but destructive forces from the premises. Killing these insects in a way that doesn’t endanger kitchen staff, customers or other food supplies is one important part of the process. You’ll also need to dispose of infested or contaminated foods without creating waste.

Contact Advanced IPM for help keeping your warehouse free of product pests. We provide environmentally-conscious, effective pest control services in Sparks, NV to help protect both your budget and your reputation. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will also educate you on preventing future infestations by pests ranging from red flour beetles to Angoumois grain moths. Contact us today for a quote!