Making Fleas Flee: Spring Pest Prevention Tips For Outdoor-Lovers

Many pet owners live in fear of fleas, and with good reason. These bloodsuckers create health hazards for pets and itchy, red welts on humans. They’re also difficult to get rid of on your own, making preventive measures a must. Even if you and your family spend a lot of time outdoors, parasites and infections don’t have to become a reality in your household. Advanced IPM, providing expert pest control in Rancho Cordova, CA, explains how to keep your home flea-free this spring.

Prevent Fleas This Season

Wash Your Outdoor Clothing Regularly

If you enjoy hiking, picnics in the park, or just soaking up the sun wherever you can, flea exposure is always a possibility. But you can reduce the odds of bringing these pests home by checking your clothes after an outing. Although a flea won’t intentionally hang out in your clothing, it may hitch a ride on your pant leg and hide in the seams. Wash clothes in the warmest water possible and vacuum your car often.

Make Your Home Less Flea-Friendly

Keeping your lawn in tip-top shape doesn’t just improve curb appeal. Low grass means fewer hiding spots for fleas. Well-trimmed bushes and shrubs are less inviting to both these pests and the wild animals that carry them onto your property. Animal-proof your home by sealing off any areas where raccoons, rodents, and other wildlife could enter. Hot spots can include:

• Shed
• Garage
• Crawlspace
• Area under deck
• Soffits near attic

Animals often gain access to attics via long branches, so trim trees and tall shrubbery near your home. Overgrown greenery can also reduce sun light and air flow, two powerful weapons in your anti-flea arsenal.

Keep it Clean

Your vacuum cleaner is one of your biggest allies in the fight against these pests. Frequent vacuuming gets rid of flea eggs and larvae. Go beyond high-traffic areas, paying special attention to the areas under furniture, along baseboards, and beneath cushions. Just as fleas like to hide in tall grass, they make themselves at home in out-of-the-way areas indoors. Change vacuum bags often, doing so outside, and wash your pet’s bedding and toys weekly in hot water.

Fleas Flee from Advanced IPM

These tips will help reduce the chance of an infestation, but you’ll need professional help for a full-fledged invasion. Homeowners and businesses in Rancho Cordova, CA rely on Advanced IPM for safe, effective pest control. Contact us online or by phone today to request a quote.