Carpenter Ants: Making Homes in Hallow Places

When you think of wood damage by pests, termites probably come to mind. While they’re certainly a threat, carpenter ants can be just as destructive. Understanding their behavior is the key to effective ant control. Advanced IPM in Merced, CA, explains how colonies operate — and how you can avoid having your home’s structure destroyed by seemingly harmless ants.

How Carpenter Ants Live

Colonies often number in the tens of thousands. While the main colony may nest outside in both dead and live trees, worker ants often establish satellite nests indoors. In our pest control service area of California and Nevada, swarmer ants emerge to reproduce during the spring and early summer months. In eastern states, they mate in the summer.

Preventive Ant Control

So, what makes your home more carpenter ant-friendly than your neighbor’s? Moisture is a huge draw, so eliminate unintentional water sources like leaky pipes and accumulated condensation. Make your yard less alluring by getting rid of dead or decaying wood. Ants love sweets, so train your family to be especially vigilant about cleaning up soda spills or the remnants from a PB&J right away.

Make it more difficult for ants to get inside by trimming branches away from the house. Caulk gaps or cracks in your home’s exterior, and repair or replace torn screens and worn weather strips.

Signs of a Carpenter Ant Infestation

Infestations can get out of hand when ants’ presence goes unnoticed. You may see swarmer ants; these ants have two sets of wings, pinched waists, and antennae. Take heed of these additional warning signs:

  • Wingless worker ants looking for food
  • Wood shavings and/or dead ant parts
  • Rustling sounds within the walls of your home

If you experience any of these indicators, contact your local pest control pros immediately. Infestations can grow exponentially, especially when DIY attempts at ant control backfire. Ants can smell many over-the-counter products and simply avoid them. In response, the queen may split her colony into several groups. You could end up with ants in different areas of your home or property.

Whittle Out Carpenter Ants Today with Pest Control from Advanced IPM

Don’t let carpenter ants destroy your home. Whether you need a preventive ant inspection or suspect an infestation, Advanced IPM in Merced, CA, can help. We provide environmentally-conscious, effective pest control in California and Nevada. Contact us today to prevent costly damage from a carpenter ant infestation.