Year-Round Defense: The Importance of Regular Pest Control

The sight of an insect or rodent scurrying across the floor is something no one wants. But many of us make the mistake of assuming it’s a one-time event. If there’s one thing the Advanced IPM team has learned from providing pest control services in Concord, CA, it’s that the appearance of a single pest could signal a much bigger problem.

Pest Control for Silent Invaders

Some ant species send out colony members on food-finding expeditions. Although you may only see an ant or two in your home, rest assured they’ve signaled to the others via powerful pheromones that there’s plenty to eat at your place. Termites, one of the most destructive forces homeowners are likely to encounter, leave few clues that they’re hard at work building colonies in your home’s structural wood. While we can rid your property of invasive pests, preventing their entry is more efficient and less costly than extermination.

Pest Prevention Tactics

Education and exclusion are important parts of the integrated pest management approach. At Advanced IPM, we help home and business owners take control of their property by making it less attractive to a wide variety of pests. Whether it’s discouraging wildlife from seeking shelter in your attic or empowering you to make your kitchen less cockroach-friendly, making pest prevention part of your daily routine makes the need for extermination services less likely. Cutting down that tree branch near the chimney and storing all food in airtight containers or the refrigerator are just two examples of things you can do to keep pests at bay.

Routine Pest Treatments in Concord, CA

Routine inspections enable businesses to avoid embarrassing bug, spider and rodent invasions. Termite inspections help homeowners prevent the headaches that come with costly infestations. Regularly scheduled pest treatments are an excellent defense against seasonal and year-round invaders alike. As part of an integrated pest management plan, scheduled pest-prevention services help reduce the need for emergency extermination services.

Advanced IPM provides comprehensive pest control services. We design custom pest management plans to eliminate existing infestations and prevent further invasions.

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