If Earwigs Prefer the Outdoors, Why Do They Ever Come Indoors?

Earwigs are the stuff of nightmares and urban legends. With pincers, two sets of wings, and slender, dark-colored bodies measuring up to an inch long, these nocturnal creatures can look intimidating. Luckily, though, they won’t crawl into your ears like their name suggests, and their pincers are only for self-defense against other insects. If an earwig does happen to “pinch” you, you won’t get sick or feel pain. However, these pests will damage your garden and house plants. Find out how to protect your Manteca, CA property with these DIY and professional pest control measures.

Earwig Habitats

These bugs prefer living in damp soil where they can feast on plants and other insects. They may look for shelter in these areas outside your home:

  • under rocks or logs
  • in mulch placed around flower beds
  • beneath leaves, grass piles and other lawn debris

Earwigs find shelter from the cold by creating burrows in these spots throughout the winter. Burrowing also provides females also with a place to lay eggs.

Why Did I Find an Earwig Inside My Home?

The temperature sometimes drops too low for comfort, or the soil inside the burrow becomes too dry. Lights around your home may attract the pests. Nymphs just leaving the burrow sometimes head indoors in search of food. Humans sometimes unwittingly bring the pests inside in these ways:

  • in planters
  • in wet boxes
  • with newspapers
  • with lumber or firewood

If you find an earwig or two, there are probably plenty more lurking around the outside of your home.

Earwig Pest Control Tips

Making your house or apartment less attractive to these pests is half the battle. Try these tips to prevent an earwig invasion:

  • Eliminate excess moisture
  • Clear clutter and lawn debris
  • Seal off holes, gaps, and cracks
  • Check crawlspace entrances for gaps
  • Place screens on attic or foundation vents
  • Replace torn screens and worn weather strips

Advanced IPM Is Here to Help

Once earwigs have made their way indoors, professional help is in order. Advanced IPM has provided California and Northern Nevada with effective, environmentally-conscious pest control since 1981. We serve homes and businesses in Manteca, CA and other communities in the area. If you’re experiencing an earwig invasion, contact us right away for a quote at no charge.