Winter Pest Prevention Tips

With cold weather upon us, pests tend to find their way towards warmth which often means the inside of your home. Do you want to make sure your home is free of mice, spiders and other winter pests?

Helpful tips from Advanced IPM:

Eliminate moisture

Eliminating moisture in areas that pests dwell in such as basements, attics and crawlspaces. These areas should be kept well ventilated and dry.

What to Avoid

Avoid leaving pets’ food dishes outdoors for long periods of time and make sure to store pet food in a sealed plastic container. Pet food that is left out in the open can attract many different insects and rodents.

Winter Cockroach Activity

In the winter months, cockroaches seek warmth and find their way indoors. Keep your kitchen very clean and free of any spills, crumbs, or grease. Store food properly in sealed containers to make your home a less inviting space for cockroaches or other invading pests.

Outdoor Maintenance

Keep mulch and soil away from the foundation of your home. Raking moisture-wicking soil and mulch away from the window frames and low wood will help keep dampness down and pests away.

Home Maintenance 

Walk around your home to check for damaged window screens and weathered door sweeps. Torn window screens and cracks and openings under doors are ideal entry points for household pests and rodents. Inside and outside, look for cracks and crevices that need to be sealed so bugs and animals don’t sneak through.

Holiday Decor

Before bringing in holiday decoration boxes and containers into your home, inspect for other critters that may have found their way into your storage.

Bed Bug Awareness

Winter months sometimes mean lots of travel and bed bugs can be a concern. To minimize the risk of transporting bed bugs into your home, always inspect hotel rooms before unpacking, keep personal belongings off the floor in public areas and check all suitcases before bringing them back in the home.

Yard and Lawn Care

Raking leaves off your property and properly disposing them and other yard debris is important. Debris piles can provide nice homes for rodents of all sizes while the moist dark environment can be a breeding ground for all sorts of crawling pests.

Avoiding Ant Infestations 

Pests can be attracted to leftover food even if it has been thrown away. Make sure to take the garbage out each night to avoid waking up to a trail of ants feasting on the disposed leftovers from the night before.

Pest Prevention

To make sure your property is fully protected from pests this winter, call Advanced IPM today for a no-charge inspection.