Hiking Safety Tips for Avoiding Dangerous Wildlife

Hiking is a great way to get in touch with nature while enjoying some fresh air and exercise. Getting too close to wildlife, though, can put you in great danger. These hiking safety tips from Advanced IPM, a trusted provider of pest control and wildlife control services, will help you stay out of harm’s way on your next outdoor adventure near Northern Nevada.

Be Prepared

Make like a scout and prepare well for your hike. Know the terrain, including the types of wildlife populating the area. When traveling in bear country, bring a bear-resistant canister for proper storage of food and toiletries. Although attacks are rare, bear spray is a must when hiking or camping in many parts of the country. A satellite communicator could save your life in the event of a snake bite or other animal attack in areas without cell-phone coverage.

Make Some Noise

Startling a wild animal is never a good idea. Many hikers and campers carry bear bells, but some experts warn that bears may have become immune to the sound. Instead, whether singing to yourself or talking to companions, make your own noise on the trails. Being aware of sounds—and unusual smells—is just as important. Avoid wearing headphones to increase the likelihood of noticing a wild animal before you get too close.

Self-Defense on the Trails

If you encounter a bear, mountain lion, or other potentially dangerous animal, make yourself appear larger by raising your arms. Maintain eye contact while slowly walking away. Running away will make you seem like prey—except in the case of a moose encounter. If a moose snorts, stomps, or otherwise behaves aggressively, get away as quickly as possible. In the unlikely event that a bear charges you, squirt bear spray downward in its direction so that it can’t avoid the spray. Some companies sell “practice” spray to ensure that you know how to use the product properly.

Big Animals Can be Pests, Too

When it comes to hiking safety, preparation and knowledge are key. These tips will help prevent incidents while camping, hiking, or climbing, but protecting your family at home is just as important. If the local animal population is encroaching on your property, don’t take matters into your own hands. Advanced IPM offers professional wildlife control services in Northern Nevada to protect your property. If smaller critters are a problem, count on us for effective pest control.