Why DIY Solutions Aren’t the Best to Deal with Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are no small problem for homeowners. An infestation poses a threat to both your pocketbook and your family’s comfort. While over-the-counter solutions can be tempting, DIY fixes seldom work. With our experience providing effective bed bug control services to homeowners in and near San Jose, CA, Advanced IPM explains why you should never tackle this problem on your own.

Bed Bug Infestations: A Growing Problem

Bed bug bites usually happen overnight, leaving clusters of red welts on the body and specks of blood on your bedding. If you’ve discovered evidence of a bed bug infestation, your first instinct might be to run out and buy the nearest bed bug product you can find. All this “solution” will do is needlessly fill your home with hazardous materials while doing nothing to eliminate these bloodsucking pests. In the meantime, the infestation will grow as these home invaders reproduce.

How a Bed Bug Infestation Spreads

One major issue is bed bugs’ tendency to spread out into your home’s most remote cracks and crevices. They burrow into furniture, upholstery, bedding – and your unwitting household members’ skin. Without professional bed bug control measures, their numbers will grow as they make their way under your carpet, into your walls, and inside various locations throughout your living quarters. Washing your sheets in the hottest water possible and thoroughly vacuuming your mattress, baseboards, floors, and upholstery is a small, temporary fix to help keep their numbers down.

The Dangers of Doing it Yourself

While quick fixes offer a small measure of comfort, calling in bed bug control professionals is a must. Do-it-yourself treatments can result in illness or worse. Through incorrect application of legal yet ineffective bed bug products, many desperate homeowners have created situations even worse than the infestations themselves. And like other rapidly reproducing pests, the bed bug species can be difficult to control without intensive treatment efforts. Advanced IPM’s team in San Jose, CA is skilled at identifying and eliminating bed bug infestations without endangering your family.

If you suspect your home is infested, get in touch with the pest control pros at Advanced IPM. Our knowledgeable technicians have provided countless households and businesses in the San Jose, CA area with smart bed bug control solutions, including thorough heat remediationContact us today to banish bed bugs from your property and feel comfortable in your home once again.