Sealing Roaches Out: A Surefire Prevention Strategy

Nothing puts homeowners on edge like a cockroach sighting – and for good reason. Cockroaches aren’t just filthy pests; they also cause food poisoning and transmit diseases. Their waste can even trigger allergic reactions or cause asthma attacks. They’re also incredibly active in the reproductive department, making it nearly impossible to get rid of them on your own. Advanced IPM, serving Walnut Creek, CA, is here to help with preventive roach control tips.

How to Seal Out Roaches

Eliminate Points of Entry 

The first line of defense is to remove roaches’ entry points. Although it can be difficult to completely prevent infestations, sealing gaps helps. Cracks in walls, gaps around openings, and torn screens provide unintentional entryways for roaches and other pests. Properly functioning weather strips, as well as window and door trim, make it harder for these invaders to get in. Indoors, seal off larger openings with caulk or silicone; soapy water helps ensure smooth application. If you choose to close off gaps on the outside of the house, look for silicone or caulk designed for outdoor use. Foam works nicely for smaller holes and cracks, thanks to its thin applicator.

Starve Them Out 

Cockroaches usually head indoors seeking food, water, and shelter. Even if your home is otherwise spotless, roaches may be attracted to hidden or forgotten food and water sources. Warm, damp places draw them in, so stay on top of minor plumbing leaks, and consider using a dehumidifier in the basement and other moisture-prone spaces. Check areas around counters and appliances for missed spills or crumbs. A quick, nightly sweeping makes your kitchen floors infinitely less attractive. Here are a few other roach control tips to make part of your daily routine:

  • Store food in airtight canisters or the fridge
  • Put pets’ food (and water, ideally) away at night
  • Avoid using cardboard boxes for storage in your home or garage
  • Take trash out nightly and store it in a garbage can with a tight-fitting lid

If you do spot cockroaches in your home, take action immediately. Even a single cockroach can signal a major infestation, and you’ll need professional help to get rid of these prolific pests. Advanced IPM provides effective treatments at homes and businesses in Walnut Creek, CA and other communities. Contact us today to make roaches a thing of the past with our proven roach control treatment plans.