How Wasps Can Wreak Havoc on Marysville Businesses This Summer

You’ve put your heart, soul, and savings into your business. Don’t let stinging insects take a toll on your investment with stings to employees or customers. Advanced IPM explains the ins and outs of wasp control, and how integrated pest management can help protect your business in Marysville, CA.

Wasp Sting Reactions

Wasp stings can cause more than irritation for anyone around your business. Those painful stings can also trigger allergic reactions in those with sensitivities. A normal reaction includes redness, pain, warmth, itching, and swelling at the site or beyond it. However, a severe allergic reaction to an attack by one or more stinging insects can include the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Fast pulse
  • Restlessness
  • Itchy, red rash
  • Problems swallowing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Major blood pressure drop
  • Mouth, tongue, throat, or facial swelling

If you or someone you know experiences these symptoms after being stung, get medical help immediately. With the well-being and comfort of customers and employees at stake, it’s easy to see why wasp control is a must for any business.

Wasps in the Summer

Understanding wasps’ behavior can help prevent incidents at your workplace. Wasps’ activity peaks in the summer months, when workers expand the nest and the queen lays plenty of eggs. It’s best to take action early in the summer if you have a nest on your property. The nest will be easier to deal with before it’s been enlarged. Identifying where wasps have built their nest may make it easier to get rid of, but don’t try to destroy it yourself. If you see wasps flying to and from the same place repeatedly, they’re most likely heading to the site of the nest. Contact a commercial pest control company to handle the dangerous task of eliminating the nest.

Stopping Wasp Nests

While wasps sometimes nest indoors, they generally prefer the outdoors. However, these stinging insects occasionally set up house in wall voids and attics. If they do build a nest inside your building, you aren’t likely to see them unless they’re in the process of moving in or out. Sealing off their nest area before they’re fully evacuated can cause them to gnaw at your wall boards and emerge angry. That’s why an integrated pest management strategy is the best approach. Contact Advanced IPM today for effective, child- and pet-friendly wasp control in Marysville, CA.