Where to Find Different Types of Ants in Your Home or Business

Anyone who’s experienced the sting of a fire ant or the destruction inflicted by a carpenter ant colony understands the importance of ant control. Identifying various ant types and knowing where they can be found helps ward off infestations. Keep your home or business ant-free by learning about the habits and traits of ants commonly found in San Jose, CA.

Where to Find These 3 Common Ants

The Carpenter Ant 

This pesky ant is dark brown or black and measures almost a half-inch long. It can be found in the kitchen foraging for sweets. The carpenter ant lives up to its name by building nests in wood, creating hollow areas called galleries. Unfortunately, it has no interest in decaying logs, preferring instead to burrow into wood inside your home. Colonies often go undetected unless homeowners hear soft rustling sounds inside the walls, see piles of wood shavings or spot winged colony members inside the home. If you see any of these signs, immediate ant control treatments are a must.

The Argentine Ant

The Argentine ant grows up to a quarter-inch long and has a shiny black or dark-brown body. This ant likes dampness and decomposition and is often found under logs or in mulch or lawn debris. Its colony has multiple queens and reproduces more quickly than most ant species. Colonies can number in the hundreds of thousands, making it easy to displace other ants. These pesky invaders contaminate foods and surfaces with bacteria tracked in from outside. They’ll eat almost anything but especially enjoy sweet, sticky foods.

The Fire Ant

A fire ant’s body measures one-sixteenth to a quarter-inch long and is a dull reddish-brown or reddish-black color. The venom from this ant’s bite leaves behind a painful burning sensation. The fire ant can be found in mulch or potted plants but heads indoors for food and water when the weather turns hot and dry. Once inside, the fire ant may be found feasting on stored foods. This ant often hitches a ride into homes via plants brought in for the night or children’s toys left on the lawn. Small dirt or sand piles provide clues to these pests’ points of entry, which may include bad window seals and wall gaps.

If you see signs of an infestation in your home or business, call Advanced IPM right away. We’ll banish ants from your San Jose, CA property with effective, environmentally-conscious ant control treatments and prevention tips.