The Health Risk You Can’t Ignore: Ill Effects of Birds and Bats

Although bats’ reputations may not be as pleasant as those enjoyed by birds, both animals can sicken your family and pets. Advanced IPM, your trusted provider of bat and bird control in Reno, NV, explains the health threats they pose – and what you can do to avoid them.

The Need for Bird Control

Birds easily transmit diseases because they fly quickly and over vast distances. They can carry dozens of parasites and 60-plus types of diseases – similar to rats in this way. Bird droppings contaminate our food and water, potentially causing serious illness in the process. Dried feces can send spores hurtling through vents and ducts to eventually spread salmonella by landing on food. Fecal dust can also cause fungal infections, while direct contact with feces can cause dangerous blood infections. Illnesses can also be transferred to humans when they pass from a bird to a biting insect host or vice versa.

Why Bat Control Is a Must 

Bats, the only flying mammals, are even worse than rats when it comes to spreading disease to other species. Like the aforementioned bird, the bat is capable of transmitting at least 60 illnesses. The bat is even thought to be the source of both the Nipah and ebola viruses, both of which cause potentially fatal brain fevers. Two of the more common diseases they spread to people are rabies and a lung infection called histoplasmosis. While the chance of contracting these illnesses is rare, it does exist. And there is an additional danger: These winged mammals also transmit diseases through other animals.

What You Can Do

The best way to protect your household from these flying threats is to prevent them from roosting near your home. In this case, professional bird and bat control are musts. If you suspect birds or bats are roosting at your home, don’t attempt to handle the problem yourself – they’re too much a risk to your health. Count on your bat and bird control specialists in Reno, NV to banish these pests and their nests from your property. Contact Advanced IPM for more information or to receive a quote for expert bat or bird control services.