A Path to Food: The Thing That Keeps Your Ants Coming Back

If you’re concerned about ants in your home, prevention and treatment are essential. Whether you’ve spotted a stray ant or see other signs of an infestation, act now to prevent a full-fledged invasion. Advanced IPM, a provider of safe yet powerful ant control in Modesto, CA and other California communities, has the information you need to make your home less ant-friendly. From proper food storage to eliminating water sources, these tips will help keep your home ant-free all year long.

The Foraging Habits of the Ant

With a few exceptions, ants don’t typically choose to nest inside homes. Instead, the colony’s workers seek out food sources indoors. They take food back to the colony’s off-site nest, setting up pheromone trails along the way. These trails allow them to return for more or provide a road map for other workers. An ant can also retain images of landmarks along the way to help it locate its food source on future trips.

Don’t Make Your Kitchen an Ant Magnet 

The best way to prevent these pests from making themselves at home in your house or apartment is to deprive them of their food source. Get everyone in the household on board with cleaning up crumbs and wiping up spills as soon as they happen. Store all food in airtight containers or in the refrigerator, and toss or store any uneaten pet food at the end of the day. Take the trash out daily, and be sure your garbage can is tightly sealed.

Ant Water Sources in the Home 

While most ant varieties get enough water from the food they eat, others must build their nests near dependable sources of water. You could unwittingly provide hydration in the form of leaky pipes or damp wood. Repair any plumbing leaks as quickly as possible, and have your home inspected by a pest control specialist to eliminate hidden water sources for carpenter ant colonies.

Whether you’re already going through an infestation or want to prevent a future one, Advanced IPM can help. If you live or operate a business in or near Modesto, CA, contact us today for safe, highly effective ant control services with our signature integrated pest management approach. We’ll help make ants a thing of the past at your home or place of business.