Why Third Party Audited Facilities Need Pest Management

Most businesses can benefit from integrated pest management, or IPM. Third party audited facilities have an added incentive to keep their sites pest-free: staying compliant with auditors’ regulations. Advanced IPM, serving Fresno, CA and other communities in California as well as Nevada, explains why this comprehensive pest service is a must for audited facilities.

Integrated Pest Management Techniques

In industries from food processing to warehousing to retail, technicians develop detailed IPM strategies to prevent and eliminate pest infestations. Your technician will create a plan using the following techniques:

  • Identifying existing pests
  • Setting action thresholds
  • Preventing future infestations
  • Applying pest control treatments

These methods allow for the ultimate in accuracy and precision by using the material treatments when and where they’re necessary. Knowing exactly which pests threaten your facility allows techs to target known threats. These IPM professionals then put a set of parameters in place. The guidelines restrict pest control treatments to only attack known invaders when they pose health or financial threats – or simply become nuisances.

IPM Benefits

IPM helps clients maintain pest-free facilities without the use of excess pesticides. The focus is highly strategic and eco-friendly, eliminating existing pests and keeping new pests from entering with fewer products needed. For any pest that’s a threat, the treatments are specifically tailored to combat their presence. Everything is custom-built to support companies’ goals, all while helping facilities stay pest-free.

Why IPM Is Ideal for Audited Facilities

Whether you’re in property management, food service, or another industry in which third party audited facilities are common, IPM services are a smart choice. With so much at stake, from staying compliant and keeping everyone safe to protecting your hard-earned reputation, IPM services help keep your business on the right track.

Integrated Pest Management from Advanced IPM

In addition to banishing existing pest populations from the premises, pest control technicians trained in IPM methods can help you keep flies, cockroaches, and rodents at bay for good. Stay compliant and enjoy a safe, healthy environment with a well-planned pest control strategy. Advanced IPM offers effective integrated pest management solutions to third party audited facilities in a wide range of industries. We serve commercial and residential customers in Fresno, CA and beyond – contact us today.