Ants Inside? What You Need To Know

No one likes to see an ant inside, because where there is one ant there are usually more… sometimes many more. We have received an influx of calls for ants making their way into homes lately after some heavy rain throughout California and Nevada.

Here are a few of the frequently asked ant questions we hear on a daily basis.

Do all ants invade homes?

California is home to many ant species, but there are 8 in particular that are more likely to invade your home or business. Each ant has its own set of behaviors and characteristics, making them difficult to control if you are not sure of the species.

When do ants head indoors?

You may think of ants as a “picnic pest” seen more commonly in the summer. Many customers are surprised to start seeing ants indoors in the fall and winter instead. This is often driven by weather. Most ants nests are underground, and therefore very prone to flooding during a downpour. This causes these pests to look for high, dry dwellings like your home or garage.

Where can I expect to see ants in my home?

Depending on the species, ants can convene in many places in the home. While some ants, like the argentine ant, are likely to show up in your kitchen others are commonly found in wall voids or near water heaters.

How do ants get indoors?

Ants can get pretty creative when it comes to finding ways into your home. Of course, their small size doesn’t hurt. Poorly sealed windows and doors are often the culprit of insect entries along with cracks in the foundation, utility lines, and torn screens. Ants can also make their way indoors from items brought in from the outside. Be sure to check potted plants, toys, or items from storage before bringing them indoors.

What can I do to prevent an ant infestation?

The best three actions you can take against an infestation are eliminating entry points, reducing clutter or access to other harborage, and taking a proactive approach to prevent future problems. Our licensed experts are specially trained to identify entry points and propose the right solution.

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