Why Is Bird Control Important?

We often get asked by customers why bird control is so important… aren’t they just a nuisance? A roosting bird may not seem dangerous at first glance, but large bird populations actually present several potential hazards. With so many humane, effective, and affordable solutions to choose from ignoring an issue is not worth the risk. Below are just a few of the problems your home or business could be exposed to if bird trouble persists.

Risks Birds Bring

Bird droppings have been found to carry over 50 diseases and ectoparasites which are transmittable to humans. This creates a major concern for food processing plants, restaurants, and even residential areas. Some of these diseases are even airborne and can pose a risk to anyone nearby.

Property Damage
The mess a bird leaves behind can also damage property in several ways. Nests and nesting materials can clog pipes, or even present fire hazards near electrical wires. Droppings have acidic properties than can strip paint- whether it be a customer’s car or the trim on your windows.

Cleanup Costs
The cost of cleaning up after these pests alone can be worth looking into a bird control program. Dropping, feathers, and nesting materials can create a difficult to clean mess. In fact, some companies spend upwards of $25,000 annually cleaning up after these nuisances.

Accident Liability
In addition to presenting disease exposure, bird droppings have also been known to contribute to slips and falls. The increased liability can be very damaging, especially to a business with customers or employees frequenting the area where birds are present.

Health & Safety Compliance
Costs and risk aside, many government agencies including OSHA and the USDA strongly enforce bird control for certain businesses. Failing to comply with these regulations can be cause for citation, fines, or even temporary closure.

How about some good news? These problems also have solutions and the professional bird control team at Advanced IPM is ready to provide them. We understand that each and every bird issue is unique and requires a time and cost effective reaction.

If you are having trouble with bird pests and need help identifying the right solution for you, contact us today for a free quote.