Subterranean Termite Season Already?

If you have seen signs of subterranean termites around your home or work you may be thinking “is it termite season already?!”

Yes…they are coming to your neighborhood earlier than usual due to the dry and warm weather patterns we are experiencing this winter. These termites respond to warmer conditions conducive to their reproductive instincts.

What to Look for When Identifying Subterranean Termites

1) Signs of swarming termites ( two sets of wings of equal length- not to be confused with ants who only have one set of wings).

2) Mud tubes that resemble coral coming out of the ground or in your home or business. The swarming termites are inside these shelter tubes.

3) Mud tubes on your exterior foundation walls, cold joints, cracks in the slab or the subarea- if your structure has a crawl space.

4) Mud tubes coming out of interior walls especially behind refrigerators, washer/dryers or water heaters as these areas are perfect for subterranean termites to get established.

A trained professional Branch 3 termite inspector will inspect all of these areas and also look for conducive conditions like earth to wood contacts, cellulose debris and plumbing leaks.

If you have seen any of these signs, we can arrange a limited inspection at no charge to you. Such report is not valid for selling or purchasing real estate, but can be very useful to determine what problems you are facing!

Call the pros at AIPM to find out if these harmful pests are invading your structure.