Is Pest Control Necessary in the Winter?

 Often times, customers ask if pest control in the winter is a waste of money. The answer: absolutely not! It is widely assumed that pest control service during the coldest season is not beneficial. Understanding the advantages to maintaining service year-round will help ensure your property stays protected and pest-free at ALL times.

Winter time allows technicians to take special focus on the interior of properties, identifying new issues that property owners were completely unaware of. There is special focus on inspection so that the property can be best prepared for when the warmer weather kicks in again. Both spidersandrodents tend to be a problem inside during colder months. For spiders specifically, webs are removed and infested areas are treated, as well as other areas where they are likely to try and re-infest. Rodent activity is monitored in basements, crawl spaces, and attics to avoid owners seeing signs of activity in more high-profile areas.

Another critical measure taken during winter time is providing full attic treatments. Many pests, including cluster flies, boxelder bugs, and carpenter ants, hide out and remain dormant in attics until warmer weather ensues. At that point, they invade your property which requires an extensive treatment. Dusting attic areas during the cold seasons will keep these pests out of your home, avoiding having to deal with them as spring approaches.

Don’t mistake winter as a time to lay off on the pest control services – It allows you preparation time for the warm seasons ahead! Advanced IPM technicians are professionals in identifying and sealing pest entry points, and using pesticides to create a protective barrier for your home. The winter is the BEST time for this barrier to be placed because the 3 things that break down pesticides- light, heat, and moisture– are less of a factor during colder seasons. This ensures a preventative pest program for when the temperature rises again.

At Advanced IPM, we provide year-round pest control for residents and businesses in California and Nevada. Contact us today to stay pest-free in all four seasons.