Beehive Removal – An Eco-Friendly Solution

 As we head into summer are you noticing more and more bees around your home or property? There is a chance you may have a beehive somewhere nearby. Take some time to walk around the perimeter of your home and your yard looking at trees, fences and other structures. Be cautious when doing so. It’s recommended you do it with someone else, or with someone else nearby.

It should be noted that should you find swarming bees, but no hive, it can still be a precursor to a hive being established and is a problem that should be professionally addressed. If you in fact find a beehive, STOP! Stay calm and move slowly away, being sure to stay clear of the hive and give the bees plenty of room. Do not attempt to disturb or “shoo” the bees away. This will only incite the bees and then you will have a beehive and angry bees to go with it.

While finding a beehive on your home or your property is unsettling, it is nothing to panic about. Your first call should be to Advanced IPM to schedule a time for one of our technicians to evaluate the situation and remove the hive. Do not attempt to handle this problem on your own. Bee stings are painful and in some cases dangerous, especially for those with an allergic reaction to them. Trying to spray them with an over the counter insecticide will more than likely kill a few, but will not rid you of the problem and will only anger the bees. The majority of the bees will be unharmed. If you have a beehive, it should be cut out and removed completely. If you only spray and leave it in tact, it will leave the scent of dead bees which will attract other pests like rats, mice, roaches and ants. It also leaves a ready-made home for new bees to move into.

Why Remove a Hive Instead of Spray?

Advanced IPM can safely and completely remove the beehive with no hassle or risk of injury to you or your family. Our trained professionals are experienced in bee removal and can complete the job in a prompt safe manner. Bee populations have been suffering losses in recent years and Advanced IPM is committed to doing its part to help this endangered species. We understand their value to our eco-system and to commercial farms and crops as well as backyard gardens and plants. Therefore, we do not exterminate the bees, but relocate the bees to a new location where they can continue to benefit our environment.

Should you find or suspect a bee problem at your home or business please Contact Us today with any questions or to schedule a free inspection from a helpful member of the Advanced IPM team.