Bed Bug Look-Alikes and Treatment

 Bed Bugs continue to be a growing problem in both commercial settings like hotels as well as in people’s homes. Most people probably find themselves saying, “What does a bed bug look like” and “How do I identify a bed bug?”

The IPM Institute of North America has a review of five commonly encountered pests, including bat bugs, that can be misidentified as bed bugs. Read more here

If you identify a bed bug problem developing in your home or business – Advanced IPM can help. We use the most advanced heat remediation techniques. Heat remediation has many advantages

Advantages of Heat Remediation


Heat treatment generally can be done in 1 day and you can return to the treated space in  24 hours or less.


No chemicals, no toxic fumes, and no residue.


Utilizing heat will kill the entire life cycle of all insects, from eggs to adults.


Advanced IPM can heat treat an entire building or spot treat high infestation areas while other portions of the building remain in use.

Many bed bug remedies are extremely time consuming, require several visits, a large amount of preparation, and use insecticides to resolve the situation. Bed bugs are becoming increasingly pesticide resistant, and there are fewer remediation options available. However, with the use of heat, a bed bug infestation can be eliminated in a short period of time, without the use of chemicals, which will let you return to the treated space quickly.

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