Are There Strangers in Your Attic?

 Have you been noticing strange noises like scratching, thumping, or the pitter-patter of very small feet above your head as you sit watching TV in the evening or as you lay in bed? There is a good chance that there is a new resident (or residents) living in your home. Your attic is an ideal place for rats, mice, birds, bats, and other pests to establish a living space in your home. On one level this is unsettling, but on another it could potentially be dangerous to you and your family. These types of pests leave their waste all over the attic and the potential to breathe in harmful particles in the air is quite possible. There can also be an increased risk for fire damage should they chew through electrical wiring.

The best way to limit the impact of a rodent or other pest infestation in your home is to catch the problem early as it begins, not after it has long been established. Early detection can limit the amount of waste or other damage that can accumulate over time. It is important to periodically inspect your attic for signs of rodents or other pests. Advanced Integrated Pest Management suggests an inspection of your attic every 2 to 3 months. We are happy to schedule this service, but this is also something you can do yourself – if you feel comfortable in doing so. If not, contact Advanced IPM for assistance and to schedule an appointment.

**Helpful Tip** – Use your cell phone calendar app to set a reminder at 2 to 3 month intervals as a way of remembering to complete your homes attic inspection.

How to Inspect Your Attic for Pests

The number one priority during a self-inspection is safety. Make sure you have a good sturdy ladder, a dust mask, gloves, and eye protection before beginning. All of these items will help protect you in the case you do find a problem, but also it’s just good proper safety to use these items during any home project. Look for animal droppings, accumulations of insulation in piles and inspect visible wiring for signs of damage. Also look for potential paths of entry such as damaged vents. Hopefully you do not come across any of these signs and you are all clear until your next self-inspection in 2 to 3 months.

However, should you find any of these issues in your attic, contact Advanced IPM right away for a free professional inspection and quote for removing the cause of your rodent or pest issue. At this stage it is important to seek professional help, as the effects of an infestation will “snowball” quickly and potential health risks do exists and should be handled by a professional.

With Advanced IPM you’ll receive solutions that make sense. It’s not difficult to throw harmful poisons or various traps at a rodent or pest problem – but it won’t provide a long-term solution. We work hard to determine the root of the issue. We will provide comprehensive programs to exclude, modify, and combat your unique rodent or other pest problem. Contact us today for a free inspection and quote.